Homes for Rent

The Homes for Rent in Oldham Document, which you can download below tells you about where the OHIP landlords have properties for general needs rent in Oldham.  It also lets you know about the property types and number of bedrooms.  The map also shows you where housing is (but not the type of properties).

There is also a variety of other information about applying for a home in Oldham.

All the homes of: Aksa, Contour, FCHO, Great Places, The Guinness Partnership, Housing and Care 21, Regenda, Villages and 50% of Places for People properties are all advertised through One Point.  This means that customers only need to complete one application form in order to bid for any of these properties.  There are links at the bottom of the page which take you to the One Point pages of the FCHO website.

Title Date Size  
Housing Associations in Oldham 2012 07 Aug 2012 589.44 KB Download
Homes for Rent for Older People in Oldham 2012 07 Aug 2012 103.69 KB Download
Homes for Rent - 2012 07 Aug 2012 270.24 KB Download


MyMy Oldham is the place to find social housing in Oldham.  The OHIP partners allocate their properties through this website, which can be found here

Aksa properties