Business Plan 2014-15

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Health and Wellbeing 24 Jul 2014 2.76 MB Download
Neighbourhood management 24 Jul 2014 2.16 MB Download
OHIP Business Plan 2014-15 24 Jul 2014 6.45 MB Download
Allocations 24 Jul 2014 4.71 MB Download
Employment and Enterprise 24 Jul 2014 3.76 MB Download
Financial Inclusion and WR 24 Jul 2014 3.82 MB Download
Partner Successes 07 Apr 2014 56.98 KB Download
Project Assessment Framework 07 Apr 2014 117.86 KB Download
Terms of Reference 2014 07 Apr 2014 54.20 KB Download

The priorities within the Business Plan are detailed below.  There is a seperate page within this section, on each workstream. 


To monitor the implementation of the Common Allocations Framework and work together to resolve any issues arising. 

Financial Inclusion and Welfare Reform

To provide support and information to tenants in relation to Welfare Reform and general financial inclusion issues. 

Health and Wellbeing

To develop a housing offer for Health and Wellbeing. 

Neighbourhood Management 

Introduce, review and monitor joint Neighbourhood Planning approach to encourage more efficient working at a neighbourhood level.  This includes a consideration of Community Cohesion in each neighbourhood. 

Employment and Enterprise

To maximise opportunities for tenants in relation to employment, training and social enterprise. 

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Higginshaw case study 12 Oct 2012 431.00 KB Download
Caretaker case study 12 Oct 2012 114.50 KB Download
Downsizing Project case study 25 Jul 2012 529.00 KB Download
Werneth Neighbourhood management Pilot Case Study 18 Jun 2012 486.50 KB Download
pride in failsworth 18 Jun 2012 108.50 KB Download
Accessible Housing Project 18 Jun 2012 100.50 KB Download
Access to Work 18 Jun 2012 105.50 KB Download